Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

Enterprise Resource Planning

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) System works as a single platform for all the business functions, every department can have systems for their own specific tasks but all the departments are connected on one application. ERP makes it easier to share and access information across the organization for all employees, and it can be used for all business activities.

We offer ERP Software that is affordable and adaptable for the business of all sizes. We bring customization as per the business requirement and needs. Our team consists of both IT and Industry experts who work together to map your business and its processes on ERP.

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Our ERP includes the following modules:

  • Accounting: records and processes company-wide Accounting Information
  • Stock: helps in Inventory Management to manage the appropriate level of stock
  • CRM: helps in tracking Pre-Sales Process from Lead capturing & Tracking.
  • Selling: facilitates all the sales operations and sales planning.
  • Buying: helps and automates the entire buying process
  • Human Resources: assists in managing employees.
  • Projects: makes the Project and Task Management manageable and efficient
  • Support: helps you in retaining your valuable customers
  • Asset: allows Fixed Asset Management including the assets record
  • Quality: ensures overseeing all activities to maintain the quality standards